Save The Planet

Calvin L. Ledsome Sr
Hello and Welcome,

Help Us Reach Our Goal of Planting 10 Million Trees by The
End of This Year.

You Get Free Stuff & Help Save The Planet!

Below you will find Free Trial offers in many different

These offers allow you to try products out Risk Free. (i.e.: usually a
30 day supply.)

There is NO LIMIT to the number of offers
you can take advantage of.
Choose 3 or 4 or try them all!

You Can Help Save the Planet!

For every friend you refer to us using our Refer A Friend system (Link
we will have Trees For The Future
to plant One tree for you
and One tree for each
friend referred

Link Below To Refer A Friend Today

Green Discounts
, is on a
mission to help our planet restore the millions of trees
that are lost each year.

every friend you tell about us using our Refer A Friend system,

will commission
Trees For The Future plant one
tree for you
and one
tree for each friend referred
Trees For The Future is a charity
that has been responsible for planting millions of trees all over the
donations so far have resulted in tons of trees being planted in the
name of our members.

With your help, the number will grow much higher and we will reach our
goal by end of year.

Thank you for coming to
our site.

To get the best Discounts
on Name Brand merchandise (above) and help save the planet, Simply
Activate Link Below.

As a reward for joining
our cause, we will Plant a Tree in Your Name to Help Save the

With your help, we will
reach our goal of planting 10 Million Trees by the end of this year.

Click Here To Spread The Word
By Referring A Friend Now and Join Our Green Newsletter for Free!

Calvin Lee
Ledsome Sr., My Friend Referral Link:


Thank You For Contributing To Us Meeting Our Tree Planting
Goal This

Warmest Regard,

Lee Ledsome Sr.,

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